How to Make Cold Brew Coffee at Home

The season for cold brew coffee has arrived. Some people choose to spend an exorbitant amount of money purchasing this delightful beverage. Others learn how to make this delightful treat at home with a high quality cold brew makers. The little bit of effort required involves some planning and cleanup but it is well worth the results. The best part is there will be a lot of cold brew available.

There are many different sets of instructions available on the internet. This includes everything from the coffee to water ratio to the amount of time the brew should be left to soak. Some of the best possible options are outlined below.

How to Make Cold Brew Coffee

Begin by figuring out the best coffee to water ration and the correct brewing time. In theory it is easy to make delicious cold brew coffee. Select a coffee that has been coarsely ground. If the coffee beans have been finely ground the result is usually a sludgy mess. This is because it is nearly impossible to effectively filter out any tiny little particles. The coffee should be soaked at room temperature until the desired strength has been reached. The next step is determining the amount of time necessary and the amount of coffee grounds needed.

coffee beans

The general rule of thumb is one gallon of water for every pound of roughly ground coffee beans. This can always be reduced because it will make a lot of cold brew. For an extremely intense coffee concentrate, 24 hours are recommended for the brewing time. There are exceptions to these figures. Certain coffees are made using a different formula. This is generally stated on the packaging and it is important. This formula requires half the coffee to water ratio. These coffees have double the strength of a standard cold brew and the extraction period is usually only twelve hours. It is very important to be certain what type of coffee is being used. Beginners are better off using a traditional type of coffee to start with, read Coffee for Beginners: Bring Out Your Inner Barista!

Cold Brew Coffee Recipes

No matter what type of recipe is chosen there is nothing to worry about because this is still a concentrate. If the flavor is too strong it can be diluted with water or less water can be used upon serving.

Cold brew coffee


There are different methods used for brewing. A French press is an option but this tends to complicate the process and they can be difficult to locate. Another option is a mason jar. This is a more traditional approach but the final result is not quite as good as with a machine specifically designed for cold brew coffee.

Cold Brew Coffee Maker

There are currently a lot of different systems specifically designed for a sensational cold brew. There are different features and options available with each system. They all use a filter specifically designed to filter all the grounds from the brew. They are also not difficult to learn how to use. It is important to consider the size of the machine. Some people drink a lot more cold brew than others and are more suited to a larger machine. It is important to note these machines brew a cold brew concentrate. This means there are a lot more cups available than dictated by appearance alone.

Cold Brew Coffee Grinder

A reusable filter is a good option. This will save money over time and is an excellent value. It is also critical to realize some cold brew machines are more expensive because the materials are of a much higher quality such as ceramic or glass. The final decision depends on the budget but metal and plastic do not hold water nearly as well. It is also advisable to purchase a good coffee grinder. Cold brew requires coarsely ground coffee and the ability to grind the beans is a necessity.

Cold Brew Concentrate Ratio

The most important thing is to remember the cold brew is a concentrate. The concentrate must be diluted prior to serving. The ratio most recommended is one part water to one part cold brew with sugar, cream or milk to taste.



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