Is Low Acid Coffee Really Good For You?

Is Low Acid Coffee Really Good For You?

Coffee beans have some acid and caffeine that relaxes the muscles of your esophagus, releasing more acid into your stomach. This acid may cause you heartburn or stomach problems.

However, that is not reason enough to deny you the joy of your nicely brewed coffee. Even if your doctor has put you on a low acid diet, you can take the coffee with less acid. Learn here about this coffee; how to reduce acidity in your coffee; and the best coffee brands in the market for those looking for lower acid concentrate in their coffee.

About Low Acid Coffee

There are types of coffee that have low acidity. Others are grown in areas known to produce coffee with low acidity, while some have their acidity reduced depending on how they are processed and brewed. If your coffee has low acidity, it will be easy on your stomach and teeth.

Such coffee is labeled stomach friendly or mild. There are new brands of coffee whose acidity level is stomach-friendly, and it has an equally good taste like your regular coffee. Check them out and enjoy their double benefits.

Different types of low acid coffee

Arabica coffee naturally has a low acid level, just like coffee grown in countries like Brazil, India, Hawaii, and Sumatra. They are a favorite of processors of low acidity coffee brands. The other type has its acidity reduced through treating. Dark roast coffee has less acid than light and medium roast coffee. Much of the acid is lost in the roasting process.

How to minimize coffee’s acidity

The acid content of your coffee can be minimized as coffee is being processed. Roasting coffee for longer reduces its acidity and darkens it. Steaming coffee beans before roasting them reduces their acidity, too. Some people boil the beans with eggshells to make it less acidic. Coarsely ground coffee is also less acidic

There are alkalizing substances you can mix with your coffee for low acidity, especially those rich in calcium. Milk and cream added to your coffee will lower its acid content, but if you are an addict of black coffee, you can go for calcium powders. They have no flavor, and they easily blend with your coffee when stirred into your cup. You can also minimize the acid content of your coffee by cold brewing it, which reduces its acidity by up to 70%.

Best low acid coffee brands


This is a well-researched and carefully processed coffee sourced from Venezuela. It has a higher content of antioxidants and 70% less acid.

Mommee coffee

The beans are water treated, and they do not use chemicals in their processing. They have varieties of this coffee that is especially good for expectant mothers who are advised to lower their coffee intake.

Flaxseed blended coffee

The nutritional value of this brand is higher, as the flax seeds contain omega3 acids. The coffee is good for weight loss, and it has high fiber content.

Java Planet

Java offers varieties of low acidity coffee that are keenly selected, brewed and packed. The roast date is indicated on the pack so the consumer can select freshly processed coffee. The coffee is suitable for all consumers.


Coffee with a low acid content is easy on your stomach. Acidity level is lower in Arabica coffee and coffee grown in some regions. Dark roast coffee has low acidity. The acidity can be minimized by steaming the coffee before roasting, boiling in eggshell, adding calcium-rich alkalizing substances and cold brewing.

Puroast, Mommee Coffee, flaxseed blended coffee and Java Planet are some popular coffee brands with low acid content.