Is Coffee Good For The Brain or Not?

Brain health is an ever growing concern for persons and families of persons who are getting into their later years in life. Is Coffee Good For The Brain or Not? The way that memory functions, as well as thinking and cognitive ability, can start to decline and become a greater risk in individuals. Research involving consumption of coffee benefits and the link between its effects on the development of mild cognitive impairment has been done in Italy over a sample of 1400 seniors in Italy.

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Is Coffee Good for the Brain or Not?

Coffee benefits of the brain make the beverage one of the smarter choices when it comes to making a drink choice. Studies show that drinking a moderate amount of coffee can have a neuroprotective effect in the brain. The buildup of amyloid protein plaque is lessened and can have an overall positive effect in fighting Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Caffeine and the Brain – Proof of the Study

effect from coffee on the brain

In research through the study of 1445 Italian participants ranging from ages 65 to 84, mental health was tracked for three and a half years and whether or not they consumed coffee. The teams of researchers led by Dr. Vincenzo Solfrizzi were able to track that those study participants who averaged one to two cups of coffee per day showed fewer signs of mild cognitive impairment than their non-coffee drinking or rarely drinking counterparts.

In addition to this correlation, a second finding that those who consumed greater quantities of coffee may not get the same benefits as those who drink one to two cups per day. Participants with an intake of one or more cups in addition to moderate coffee consumption are more likely to show mild cognitive impairment at a rate of one and a half times higher than other participants in the study that only drank a moderate amount of coffee per day.

Although the study shows a trending decrease in numbers of developing dementia and mild cognitive impairment, it is only an association that was tracked and cannot be totally backed as being caused by the consumption of coffee by the individuals. The possibility that caffeine may pose a positive effect on neurological health has been suggested in research done prior to this study.

So what the researchers found in their study was that those older individuals who rarely or never drank coffee and those who are heavier drinkers of the beverage will tend to show an increase in the development of mild cognitive impairment and the possibility of other mental health issues alongside it. It is not a definite finding but interesting discovery amongst the participants.

Other Health Benefits of Coffee

So what are the benefits of drinking coffee anyways? There are coffee benefits which are not linked to neurological impact which can easily make drinking it more than just a brain booster:

Health Benefits of Coffee
Higher intake of coffee may provide a boost in insulin sensitivity. Type 2 diabetics may have a lowered risk of the disease and gain a chance at lowering the risk of Alzheimer’s. 

Higher caffeine intake can help to reduce the number of cases of Parkinson’s disease. In some cases the caffeine that was in coffee was believed to help people with Parkinson’s to stop shaking and better control movement.

It is believed that coffee can help to boost the liver and fight off liver disease and possibly liver cancers as well. Cirrhosis risk may be lowered amongst those who consume coffee more often.

Keeping regularity in bowel movements is also a popular reason to drink coffee. The stimulant effect it has on the intestines makes coffee an excellent laxative.

Final Thoughts

Seniors should take consumption of coffee in moderation to have access to a wide range of benefits with the popular beverage. Avoiding any over drinking of coffee and enjoying it in moderation may provide a little memory boost. That combined with other health benefits of coffee makes it a great beverage to consume daily.


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