50 Coffee Gifts for Coffee Lovers Worldwide

This article is a list of 50 different Amazing Coffee Gifts for People Who Love Coffee that you could buy for yourself – or others, who would enjoy them! I sincerely hope you enjoy!

There are over 80% of this worlds population that drinks coffee every day, week and year! It is the most consumed beverage in the world, and there is no wonder of why to that. If you have a family member, friend or significant other who loves coffee as much as the rest of us, then you are at the right site.

1) Fifth Avenue Gourmet 12 Coffees Of Christmas Gift Set for $17.99 at Kohl’s : This comes with 12 different types of coffee for you to consume leading up untl Christmas. It has a variety of different flavors, so just enjoy trying each one.

12 coffees of christmas

2) COFFEE, but NOT instant coffee! : To be completely honest, most coffee lovers hate instant coffee and will only drink it if their coffee machine is broken. It is always best to get fresh coffee!

3) His and Hers Coffee Mugs for $36.00 : This is a great present for yourself and your significant other. The title of the item is self explanitory. They are black coffee mugs with white lettering and are a total must have item!

coffee mugs

4) A New Coffee Maker : Rather your coffee maker is broken, non existant or just old – it is always good to have an up to date one.

5) A coffee mug that says “May your COFFEE be strong and your MONDAYS be short” for $14.40.

6) Fred COOL BEANS Coffee Ice Tray for $8.00: These are absolutely adorable to make frozen coffee ice cubes in, you will love the product almost as much as you love coffee! ..ALMOST..

7) Socks that say “If you can read this bring me coffee” for $8.64. We ALL need a pair of these socks! Lol

8) A shirt that says “Mornings Are For Coffee And Contemplation” for $15.

9) Cookie Monster coffee mug that can also hold a doughnut (instead of cookies) for $20.98. Okay, if this isn’t the most genius idea EVER.. Right?!

10) 11.5oz Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Cute Cat Cartoon Travel Coffee Mug + Black Spoon for $18.99.

11) Bean Box Seattle Deluxe Coffee Tour Gourmet Sampler for $79.00 (comes with : 16 roasts, 16 roasters, personalized gift note, coffee gift basket) : So many goodies are packed with love in this gift box!

Brew Like a Boss

12) “Go Away” Funny Glass Coffee Mug 13 oz for $18.87.

13) PERK BOX Gourmet Flavored Coffee Gift Box Sampler (Assorted) for $18.99. : This is a 24 count of assorted Keurig K-Cups.

14) “Let’s Have Coffee Together Forever” – Stainless Steel Espresso Spoon for $14.99.

15) Zingy Gift Box Manual Coffee Grinder for $17.90.

16) Coffee Bean Necklace with a plate holding a cup and a spoon for $20.99.

17) Homemade Guatemalan Coffee Bean Bracelet and Earrings Set for $27.50.

18) Coffee Bean Stud Earrings for $12.00.

19) “Good Morning Coffee I Love You” unisex keychain for $20.00.

20) “Jesus and Coffee Because Adulting is Hard” Tank Top for $18.00.

21) Coffee Cup Ring for $27.17.

22) “Death B4 Decaf” Stud Earrings for $11.99.

23) STARBUCK’s 16 oz. Reusable Travel Mug & Lid Personalized with Your Name or Phrase & Drink Type for $12.00.

24) Grow Your Own Aromatic Arabica Coffee Plant Kit for $89.99. This gives you all of the neccessary tools need in order to grow your own coffee bean plant!

25) Soapstone Ice Cubes for $13.95. These are used to keep a beverage, such as coffee, cold without making it taste like water – as normal ice cubes are famous for doing.

26) Metal Staws for Stirring Your Coffee for $6.95. Who wouldn’t want metal stirring straws?! Those plastic stirring straws are not to be trusted.

27) Coffee Candle for $18. This is a magnificent Starbucks candle that smells just as delicious as the coffee they produce!

28) Cold Brew Bean Bags for $28.49. This is iced coffee concentrate

29) “I TAKE MY COFFEE ICED & BLACK LIKE MY HEART” coffee mug for $18.

30) Zoku Iced Coffee Maker for $29.99. This makes incredible iced coffee!

31) “I find your lack of ICED COFFEE DISTURBING” Tote Bag for $19.17.

32) Knit Cabled Coffee Mug Sweater for $12.00. This is a simple, but stylish, “sweater” for your coffee mug.

33) “Coffee for Life” Sweater for $31.04. The right way to express how much you love coffee!

34) Concrete Coffee Maker for $155.77. This is for the coffee enthusiast who misses how coffee machines used to work.

35) A Monthly Coffee Subscription = PRICELESS!

36) 3D Latte Maker for $40.07. It is adorable, functional and it produces amazing lattes! Perfect for that coffee lover.

37) “Coffee, First” Tote Bag for $20.99.

38) Star Wars R2-D2 Coffee Press for $39.99.

39) “ESPRESSO PATRONUM” T-shirt for $24.99.

40) “DRINK COFFEE & DO ALL THE THINGS” Enamel Pin for $10.15.

41) Dunkin Donuts Coffee Brownies : This is one of those coffee gifts that all coffee gift baskets should include! It is a great coffee sampler.

42) “I Don’t Like Morning People, or Mornings, or People” Coffee Mug for $13.00.

43) “COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE” iPhone 8 Phone Case for $45.

44) A Gift Card for a Coffee Shop : Because who wouldn’t enjoy this?!

45) Keurig Coffee Maker for $89.99. One of the best coffee makers purchaseable.

46) Spare K-Cups : Coffee lovers clearly go through a lot of coffee, so it would be a good idea to buy extra K-Cups for your Keurig.

47) White Coffee Mug that says “Hot Stuff” in gold lettering for $7.99.

48) Thermal Coffee Mug that says “COFFEE IS MY BEST FRIEND” for $18.00.

49) Black & Silver Pistol Cup Gun Mug for $10.95. This is perfect for the coffee lover who also happens to be a gun lover as well. The handle is the handle of a pistol, but not that of a real pistol – of course!

50) Caffeine Molecule Ceramic Coffee Mug for $11.99. It is a coffee mug with the caffeine molecule.

As you can see, there are plenty different coffee gifts that you can get for all of your coffee loving friends. I hope that this list provides a few suggestions on gifts for coffee lovers!