Coffee cuts risk of dying from stroke and heart diseases

Coffee contains many health beneficial ingredients that affect our body in more ways than you ever thought. Coffee is full of antioxidants, nutrients, and vitamins. High levels of antioxidants help to prevent the occurrence of various types of cancer, for example, liver cancer, throat, mouth, prostate, colon. Also, coffee contains polyphenols, herbal ingredients of strong antioxidant activity that prevent brain inflammation.

But how effective are these ingredients in our body?

coffee benefits

Experts in of clinic in Mayo, USA, have conducted experiments that pretty much say that coffee consumption has numerous health benefits. Some of the most important being it prevents the onset of Parkinson’s disease, Diabetes type 2 and even cancer, and liver disease. Besides that, improving cognitive functions and reducing the risk of depression.

However, there are many reports of sleepless nights and stomach-aches after coffee consumption. Let’s take a look what is the real truth behind all myths and speculations.

Two very large studies have been conducted over the last two decades that showed some interesting results. The first study, that took place in the early ’90s. The studies were conducted on 185,000 test subjects – both white and non-white. And the results were groundbreaking.

The figure said that the risk of death at any age of test subject is decreased by 12% with just drinking one coffee cup a day. This figure goes up with the increase of coffee consumption to large 18%. This information helped both scientists and coffee manufacturer. All of a sudden – all focus was on coffee and its quality.

Coffee cuts the risk of dying from stroke and heart disease


When hearing that coffee cuts the risk of dying from stroke and heart disease it was like a fire alarm in coffee manufacturers’ heads. Many investments were made, and still
are- it farming very quality arabica coffee – which is referred as high-quality coffee with an excellent taste and aroma. See the top list of high-quality organic coffee.

However, some of the scientists were unsatisfied with the given results – saying that results aren’t true because there are also many other factors that influence the health of subjects.

The second study was conducted between 1992 and 2000, on more than 450,000 test subjects. Doctors and nutritionist experts throughout the world are still in some doubts about how much exactly is coffee doing good in your body.

Marc Gunter, from The International Agency for Research on Cancerhas his doubts. He thinks that, besides coffee consumption, there are many other factors that influence both these records and overall health of the participants, and this study isn’t as accurate as it should be.

However, the results came with the announcement that coffee cuts the risk of dying from stroke and heart diseases by 18% at all-male subjects and 8% at the female subject.

This was good enough for all coffee brands!

Investing in the excellent taste of coffee, with some few tricks with adding ice, flavors and much more – attracted both coffee and non-drinkers to local cafes to enjoying in good taste.

Nowadays, from black Turkish coffee to espresso, latte, ice-coffee, you get to choose in which coffee variation are you going to enjoy, alongside increasing your overall

Proper and controlled usage of coffee can surely increase your focus, awareness, concentration. Besides that coffee cuts the risk of dying from the stroke and heart diseasesit is also one of the best energy drinks you could ever drink.

Forget about a cheap and sweetened energy drink that only gives you stomach cramps, coffee is strongest energy drink that will have you going for several hours. Drinking one huge dosage of black coffee will boost your physical abilities – endurance, focus and adrenalin stats will go up in 12% almost immediately after coffee consumption.

Health Benefits of Coffee

Your daily coffee intake should be restricted to 1-6 cups of coffee. In that interval, coffee will help your body 

– burn fat and losing extra unnecessary weight

– stimulating insulin production with magnesium and potassium, regulating blood
sugar levels in your body and reduce the need for sugary treats and snacks

– clear all toxicity in your body – coffee acts as a
little fighters in your body, battling all free radicals and preserving your

– increasing your mood and fighting signs of

– physical efficiency booster, Also, greatly reduce
risks of Parkinson’s disease, stroke, and other heart diseases.

Disadvantages of too much Coffee

Over-consumption of daily coffee intake can lead to insomnia and sleep disorders. In some cases, stomach-ache is present. Women during pregnancy should watch with their coffee intake and reduce it to one cup a day because it can affect your baby and make it extra caffeine sensitive down the line. Some reports have shown that heart arrhythmia has occurred when surpassing recommended daily intake.

Therefore, enjoy all benefits of coffee and its beautiful flavor, but make sure you don’t go overboard – you’ll cancel all the good that’s doing.