Choosing the Best Coffee Machine

When choosing automatic drip coffee makers, you need to take a few things into consideration. You need to decide if you want to use coffee pods or a drip coffee machine. You may need to consider how many cups of coffee you will make and how many people will use the machine. You must also decide on the desired features and the look and feel of your machine.

Since coffee is consumed by millions of people worldwide, manufacturers have created a diverse range of automatic drip coffee makers to satisfy consumer needs. Coffee wakes people up in the morning and gives them a lift during the day.

Benefits of Your Own Coffee Machine

There are many benefits to having your own coffee machine including saving the time, money and gas that comes along with taking a trip to a coffee shop. You have the convenience of making coffee at home and the choice between a variety of flavors. 

If you are a coffee lover, you can purchase a coffee machine with an interactive display. You may want a machine that has a computer screen built in that allows you to manipulate your choices electronically and permits programming, or you can just opt for a simple machine with an off and on button with a thermal carafe. You should also choose your model based on how often you will use it and your available counter space.

Features of Choosing Drip Coffee Makers

drip coffee makers

There are many features to choose from when buying a drip coffee maker; for instance, deciding if you want a hot plate or thermal carafe. The hot plate keeps your coffee warm while your pot sits on top.


Thermal Carafe

A thermal carafe is usually stainless steel and acts as a thermos while keeping coffee warm. There is an option to purchase a machine that allows you to pause during brewing (mid-brew pause).


Paper Filters

This allows people in hurry to get their cup before the pot has completed brewing. A machine with a water filter is good to have because it improves the taste of coffee. An important thing to consider is if you want help the environment by using a reusable filter. The paper filters that many people use increase waste and pollution.


Top Drip Coffee Machines

Currently, there are 3 drip coffee machines that are considered the best on the market. They are the Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer System with Stainless Thermal Carafe, the Hamilton Beach 12 Cup Coffee Maker, Programmable Brewstation Summit, and the Moccamaster KBG 741 1-Cup coffee machine.

Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer System

Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer System

The Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer System with the Stainless Thermal Carafe is one of the best machines because it does not include pods and has a carafe for a single serving. It has brewing options that include classic, rich or over ice. You can choose between cup sizes such as XL cup, travel mug, XL multi-serve, half carafe, or full carafe. It has a frother that is programmable, and a drip stop indicator.



Hamilton Beach 12 Cup Coffee Maker

Hamilton Beach 12 Cup Coffee Maker

The Hamilton Beach 12 Cup Coffee Maker, Programmable Brewstation Summit does not require a carafe and keeps coffee hot for up to 4 hours. It can make 12 cups of coffee and is available upon the press of a button. The machine has an internal heating system and offers the choice to make bold, regular or iced coffee. It is easy to clean with a detachable unit and is offered at an affordable price.

Moccamaster KBG 741 1-Cup coffee machine

Moccamaster KBG 741 1-Cup coffee machine

The Moccamaster KBG 741 1-Cup coffee machine comes with a copper boiling system that heats water fast and is BPA/BPS/BPF and Phthalate free. It has a sensor that turns off when there is not any water in the machine and when the machine gets too hot. It has a glass carafe and comes in a variety of colors. 

Yes, there a plenty of automatic drip coffee makers available, but these have the best features as well as design. They are also affordable, easy to use and will make that perfect cup of coffee every day.